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{May 28, 2007}   Naji Al-Ali

  • Naji salim hussien al-ali.
  • 1936 born in Alshagara village north Palastine.
  • He migrated with his family towards lebanon and they setteled in The Ein el-helwa camp.
  • Studied at school of the lebanese federation of churches,but he didn’t pursure his study but tended to work in the orchards.
  • went to Trapolis to learn handiwork at the vocational school.
  • then he left to Beirut where he worked in several industrial sites.
  • 1957 he traveled to Saudi Arabia after obtaining a deploma in mechanics and resided in two years then he return to Lebanon.
  • 1959 he try to belong to The Arab nationalist movement, but becouse he wasn’t commitment he has been excluded from the regulation 4 times in one year.
  • 1960-1961 he publish with his comardes in the movement a handwritten newspaper called ALSARKHA ‘the scream’.
  • 1960 he joined the lebanese painting academy for one year.
  • then he went to Soor city to study painting in the Ga3farya school for 3 years.
  • 1963-1975 he traveled to kuwait and worken in Altale3a magazine.
  • 1974-1938 he warked in Alsafeer newspaper.
  • 1979 elected president of the association of Arab cartoonist.
  • 1982 arrested in Sidon by the israeli enemy.
  • 1983 leaving Beirut to Kuwait where he worked on the kuwaiti AL-Qabas until october 1985.
  • Naji al-ali paints participated in dozens of international exhibitions and Arabian.
  • he publish three books included his work in 1976,1983,1985.
  • he got the first awards of artist caricature arabs in Damascus in 1979,1980.
  • SAHI” a Japanese newspaper chosen him as one of the top 10 cartoonist painters in the world.
  • he is married to Mrs,Wedad sallah nasr & he have 4 children ; Khaled,Osama,Lyali,& Jody.
  • murdred in London 22-7-1987.
  • died in 29-8-1987.

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